My January To-Do List

I planned to do a lot of writing this year. Despite my current circumstance, I made my list of writing goals for the year (because, well, writers love lists) and was totally prepared to scratch in-limbo writing projects off month after month. Sadly, that was not the case. Hell, I didn’t even manage to keep up with the blog.

But instead of raking myself over the coals, I decide to cut myself an unprecedented break and issue a one-time only pardon. Some of the crap circumstances that pulled me from writing were beyond my control, some were the result of poor decision making on my part (but I journaled about them, so that’s some writing, at least), and the rest I seriously need to address truthfully and sort them out pretty damn quickly (as time is not on my side).

So, instead of doing something insanely ambitious, or just plain insane, as mapping out a course of writing for the year, I’ve decided to chop them up into bite-sized monthly morsels and use the blog as my whiteboard to keep me honest and keep my eyes on the prize as I track my progress. Plus, I get the added satisfaction of doing a victory dance after I’ve crossed one of those pesky writing chores off my never-ending project list.

And should I fall short of a goal or two, I can always vent about it here instead of wallowing and feeling absolutely worthless. Hopefully that will exorcise some of the demons and give me the swift kick in the pants to press the old nose to the grindstone.

Here’s hoping, anyway.